“ Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.” 


The Motherless Child Guidebook is designed to help you begin the journey to healing your mother wounds.

I created this guidebook with you in mind to make space for you to heal, acknowledge the pain that you’ve been carrying and learn how to free yourself so you can flourish.

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In the 40-page guidebook, you’ll learn…

  • The 8 toxic mother patterns that can cause a strain in mother-daughter relationships

  • How to identify your mother wounds and start to heal from your past

  • How to mother your inner child and steps you can take to re-parent the little girl inside you

  • How to take back your power and create a new narrative for yourself



  • 5 Videos with over 90+ minutes of content

  • 25 Soul Writing Prompts to help you dig deep and write from your heart

  • 30+ Healing Affirmations ( printed and audio mp3) that will and help you shift your mindset

  • A Curated Booklist that will further support you on your journey

  • Music Playlist that will encourage you while you’re doing the inner work

  • The Motherless Child Podcast Series

The Motherless Child Guidebook: a sacred space for healing your mother wounds has helped me to better understand the toxic patterns in the relationship with my mother and to find better ways of dealing with how things are. I can’t change my mother, but I can change the way her behavior affects me. I think thanks to this guidebook I can start a journey of forgiveness and acceptance.
— Karina

The Motherless Child Guidebook

As a result of purchasing the guidebook, I have been able to identify the mother pattern I have dealt with for years. By investing and reading The Motherless Child Guidebook, I can clearly see where the gaps are and were with my mother and why our relationship is the way it is.  I feel like I am already breaking that cycle by being there for my own children; emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I recommend The Motherless Child Guidebook for anyone who wants to heal themselves and know that the relationship with their mother is not all of their fault.
— Lynda

After completing The Motherless Child Guidebook you can expect to…

  • Feel safe and secure in your own skin and feel free to be yourself

  • Learn how to let go and heal from whatever doesn’t serve you

  • Set healthy boundaries that support the woman you desire to become

  • Show compassion towards others especially yourself

  • Provide unconditional love, comfort, and support to your inner child

  • Start the journey to breaking generational trauma

  • No longer seek validation from others or feel the need to prove yourself

  • Be open to growth, change, and miracles

  • Become self-aware and in tune with your emotions and how to practice real self-care

  • So much more!


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Watched the first video! Got goosebumps excited to start the guide. These videos and journal prompts are extremely helpful. My mom was definitely an emotionally absent/ physically absent mother. I am learning to accept her and see her as human and flawed this is an incredible gift.
— Kaylee