No matter your age or race we as women all want the same thing... to learn how to be free and LIVE life on our own terms.

The BeFree Meetup is where you'll be empowered and motivated to live your best life on your terms.  Women from all walks of life come together for one purpose: to support one another as they learn how to show up for themselves and be free. 

It's a beautiful thing when women come together and can be their authentic selves in a judgment-free zone.  Relationships blossom. Business connections are made. Sisterhood is cultivated. 


Our inspiring conversations are like no other. We move past the surface level "stuff" and dig deep into what it really means to get unstuck, gain clarity and then cultivate a life that feels good to you inside and out. 

Your experience includes: 

  • networking and engaging conversations

  • light refreshments

  • special gift for every guest 


I created this space with you in mind...

Several years ago when I started BeFree Project I couldn't find a place where I could connect with positive like-minded women who were on a similar path as I was. I wanted to be around women and have inspiring conversations that would challenge me to grow and show up for myself. I wanted to freely talk about my dreams and goals without judgment. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided to birth what I wish existed.

I've created a social space where positive energy flows freely and women are inspired, encouraged and motivated by other like-minded women. It’s for women who desire to “be free” --free to live, dream, create, and pursue the life they want on their own terms.


The What:

BEFREE MEETUP:   Where women gather to network and have inspiring conversations that will challenge them to be better. If you're looking to make new friends and engage with women who will inspire you then this is the place to be. 

BEFREE LIFE CLASS: This workshop-style class is for women who are ready to get unstuck, gain clarity and cultivate the life they want on their terms. Each session has a different topic and occasionally I invite guest speakers to share their story and expertise.  

The Be Free events are a judgment-free zone where you can come and be your authentic self. It's a space where you can breathe and just be free to be you unapologetically. You will be empowered and motivated to live your best life on your terms.


What you can expect: 

  • A safe space to gather while learning how to say yes and show up for yourself

  • Connect with women and have authentic and meaningful conversations that will expand your mind

  • Learn how to get unstuck and gain clarity so you can take action and cultivate the life you want



Rave Reviews:

An event where women come together to learn, share, and get inspired.
— Jennifer Wainwright
A space for women to talk it out so they can take action and flourish
— Tara Jefferson
Relevant usable and positive opportunity to change your life if you’re willing to do the work.
— Sara Williams
I was bathed by all the positive energy in the room. I felt cleansing and restorative. No one can ever tell me that there are not positive things going on in CLE. The headquarters for the BeFree Project is here!
— Chanelle R. McCloud
A safe and inspiring gathering for women who want to learn how to say yes to themselves.
— Brittney Fells
I really loved this event! So much positive energy in the room and with Siobhan and Alisha. I loved digging deep and thinking about my purpose, passion, and now putting this into action. I hope to attend future events.
— Lynda Mallory
An empowering experience full of provoking thought, conversation and connection.
— Denise Sumbry
I really appreciate the time you put in for woman and I am so happy we’ve connected
— Shauna Hiibbits
I really enjoyed the life class. I got the chance to meet some great women and learn more about goal setting. Siobhan is very humble so it makes the class environment more soft and less intimidating
— Brittany Smith
The event was amazing! I’ll definitely return and bring friends for future events. I think that the intention is great and that it connects a lot of great people together.
— Daeja Woodard
I had the pleasure of attending another BeFree Project event today... A powerful life-changing event that Inspires you to befree to be the best version of yourself and knock down anything that prevents that, even if it’s yourself. Dreams are for ppl that don’t believe, but walking in your purpose makes your dreams turn into reality! Siobhan Sudberry continue to inspire.
— Joy B.