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I read Oprah’s book, What I Know For Sure last year, and I loved every bit of it. I was so inspired while reading this book and I felt like Oprah was speaking directly to me, she just makes you want to be better.  

After reading the book, I started thinking about what did I, Siobhan know for sure. It’s not an easy question to answer for yourself and it will require time to define what's important to you. I’m sure as I get older what I know for sure will evolve, but for now this what I know.

I know that I’m on the right path to creating the life I want and it feels good to be able to type it and say it out loud. For as long as I can remember I didn’t know which path I should take. It took a lot of soul searching and prayer to figure out what my purpose was and then begin to walk in it.


What I know for sure...

I know  that I’m doing the best I can as a mother with the tools that I have. I don’t have it all together by any means, but every day I try to be better than I was the day before.

I know for sure that I’m passionate about empowering women to be free to create the life they want and to unapologetically live life on their own terms. 

I know that I am control of my destiny and it all starts with my choices.

I know that I want to travel the world and have a sustainable business that allows me to do that.

I know that I love and believe in my husband and I want to see him succeed as I much as I want to succeed.

I know that being an entrepreneur will not be easy but I made a decision to choose myself.

I know for sure that I have a deep connection with God and I’m not afraid to say it.


I know that I want to be healthy inside and out.

I know that I am good enough.

I know that with hard work, consistency and persistence that I WILL live the life I desire.

I know that everything will not always go as planned and I will make mistakes along the way.

I know that I am worth it. 


It took me awhile to get clear on what I really wanted for my life and every day I’m learning more and more about myself. Sometimes I wish I would have known what I know now much sooner, but everything has it’s perfect time.

I’ve mentioned in previous post that I was stuck for a long time trying to figure things out on my own.  This is the very reason why I created the Get Unstuck Workbook, to provide women with a guide to help them begin to reflect on what they wanted for their life. I love the quote, "each one, teach one." When you learn and grow from something, then it’s your responsibility to share it with the next person.


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What do you know for sure?