2016 is literally right around the corner and I want to help you get ready for the new year. I am a firm believer in writing down what you want for your life and putting it out in the universe so your desires become your reality. 

I believe that there’s a lot of power in creating vision boards and visualizing what you want for your life, but that’s only if your vision board has a purpose. 

When creating a vision board you want to be really clear about the goals you want to accomplish and the ideal life you want to live. You also want to have purpose and intention behind your board. Don't think just because you add inspiring words and pictures to your board that your life is going to miraculously change.

Nope, it doesn't work that way. You have to do the work in order to create the life you envision for yourself. 


Let’s first start by defining what is a vision board…

A vision board is simply a visual representation of your goals, dreams and ideal life. Typically people add pictures from magazines and inspiring words to a poster board and hang it up so they can see it often.

Your vision board represents what you want your life to look like.

What I’ve noticed after having conversations with others about vision boards is that often times people create them and never look at them again. They have fun putting it together but never really put thought behind the action steps they need to take in order to accomplish what's on their board.  

I want to share 6 steps you need to take to create a vision board with purpose and intention.


Before you start clipping images and words you need to define what do you want for your life and the goals you want to accomplish. Believe it or not so many people have no idea what the heck they want for their life so they’re just going through the motions of life without a purpose.

Take time to answer the following questions…

  • What do I want my life to look like a year from today?

  • What goals do I want to accomplish and why?

  • What makes me internally happy?

  • What do I want for my life?

Keep reading because I created a freebie for you to download to help you with step one.  

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and she told me I was the only person in her life that asked her about her goals and consistently motivated her to be better.

She went on to say that she didn’t know of anyone in her life that's working on goals and trying to better their life. Everyone she knew other than me was unhappy working their 9-5 and complained about it often.

I started wondering, how many other women don't have anyone in their life to motivate and push them to reach their goals. 

You'd be surprised, when I chat with women in the BeFree Inner Circle they tell me I'm the first person that has asked them what they want for their life. And truth be told this is very common because we as women tend to put everyone else's needs before our own and as result we lack clarity.

If you can relate, now is the perfect time to get crystal clear about what you want for your life and then create a vision board that aligns with your purpose.


Now that you've identified what you want, it’s time to have fun, grab some magazines and start cutting out pictures and words that match the goals you want to achieve. Think about what you want to attract in your life and the goals you want to see become your reality.

Materials you’ll need to get started:

  • poster board, cork board or even a journal with blank pages

  • glue or tape

  • magazines

  • scissors

  • pictures of you

  • markers

These are just a few things but you can be as creative as you want and just have fun with it.

Again, I want to emphasize that the images and words that you cut out should line up with the goals that you said you wanted to accomplish in step one.


Once your vision board is complete then you want to jot down the action steps you’re going to take in order to achieve what’s on your board. Last year, in addition to creating a vision board, I also created a goal list and wrote down everything I wanted to achieve and what I needed to do to make it happen.

In order for your vision board to become real you have to have a plan of action so your board can come to life. I recommend writing this down on a blank sheet of paper and post it where you can see it so you know what you’re working on.


You thought about what you want to accomplish next year, you created your vision board, you’ve written down your action steps now you have to BELIEVE that you can have what’s on your board.

Belief is everything. If you created the board just for fun and you don’t believe that you can really have what’s on your board then it’s not going to work.

You have to believe like no other that you can have whatever it is on your vision board as long as you’re PUTTING IN THE WORK.


Your board needs to be visible everywhere you go. At the upcoming BeFree Life Class, we’re creating vision journals so the ladies can carry their vision boards with them in their purse and have a constant reminder of what they're trying to get done. 

Post your vision board in a place where you have no choice but to see it every day. 

Last year I used a cork board for my vision board, I found some cute little heart push pins at Target and added a few pics and positive quotes. It hangs right above my desk and I have no choice but to see it daily.

You want your vision board to be visible and seen frequently. My friend Christine shared that she takes a picture of her vision board and uses it as her screensaver on her phone. You can do the same thing on your computer, tablet whatever just make it visible.


When you accomplish something on your board be sure to check it off. When we’re so busy working we sometimes forget to celebrate our small wins. Get you a cool colored pen or fun stickers and mark off  your goals as you complete them.  Trust me, you’ll be surprised at how much you start checking off. 

Vision boards don’t just magically come to life. You have to be intentional about doing the work. You have to be consistent and disciplined and I can guarantee that this time next year you will have reached the goals you set for yourself.


Lets Chat!

Will you be creating a vision board this year? Share any tips in the comments on how you’ve been successful with vision boards.