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Name: Tracey Coretta Ferdinand

Business/Blog: Tracey Coretta, LLC


When did you launch your business/blog?

I officially launched my business on July 29th, 2015.

What inspired you to pursue your dreams and begin creating the life you want?

I attended a sister circle at Princeton University in the Spring of 2009.  Dr. Contreras-Byrd said something that was fear shattering to the young women gathered together in an old Princeton hall with elaborate tapestries hanging off stone walls.  She said, “Most of what you need does not exist yet.  Create what you need.” Since then those words have lighted my path and provided me with the courage to do the things God has placed within me.

How does your business line up with your purpose in life?

My business focuses on teaching three things yoga, healthy eating, and writing (mind, body, and soul).  My purpose in life is to help people take better care of themselves. My business lines up with that life purpose because I curated a space to teach people how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and find new ways to fall in love with the person they are over and over again.


What do you enjoy most about living life on your own terms?

I enjoy doing meaningful work.  Living on my own terms allows me to choose work that makes a measurable difference in other’s lives while simultaneously nurturing my creativity and skill sets.  I enjoy the harmony and balance my life affords me because my work is fed by my passions. I’m doing something that nurtures my soul.

Tracey || Chasing Free Feature #befreeproject

Describe an a-ha moment.

I was having a really lousy day once and reached out to my big sister for some words of wisdom.  She reminded me that she loves me dearly. I realized that the gift of being loved and supported was golden, something to be cherished.

What has been your biggest challenge as a blogger or business owner?

My biggest challenge is identifying which brilliant idea I can work on now and which ideas I have to shelf for another period of my life. I’m extremely creative and I’m always coming up with cool ideas but there’s not enough time in the day to pursue them all. Sometimes you have to dial it back and focus on one or two ideas at a time to make sure you’re producing quality work.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of completing my yoga teacher training program and getting certified as a vinyasa yoga teacher!

How do you support other women?

The biggest way I support other women is by offering words of encouragement.  I’m also very transparent. I wasn’t always that way.  However, I realized that we can’t learn from each other and grow if we’re constantly hiding the things we struggle with.  That problem you had that you triumphed over or that major break through you had can help another sister make it through too.

Tracey || Chasing Free Feature #befreeproject

What does being free mean to you?

Being free means being bold enough to find your own truths then living them intentionally.

What is your favorite affirmation or quote?

“You want to fly you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down.” Toni Morrison

What book would you highly recommend the BeFree Community read?

The Womanist Idea by Dr. Layli Maparyan.  Brilliant scholar.  It’s a must read.

Tracey || Chasing Free Feature #befreeproject

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Do not start a project or business for the applause. You won’t be able to sustain the work needed to be successful.  Choose something you can’t stop thinking about because it’s a part of your DNA.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

My big sister and I were singing contestants on a national television show called Twelve & Under in Trinidad where we grew up. We didn’t win the trip to Disney World but we got to eat pizza for dinner. Pizza was such a big deal then!

What exciting things do you have planned for 2015?

I’m currently working on a book of poems titled Rhyme & Blues.  I’m also working on a choreopoem/play/musical titled Alive In WondahLand that I’ve had sooooo much fun writing! So stay tuned for the release dates.


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