Networking online and offline has been essential for the growth of my business. I can honestly say that because I’ve been focused on connecting and building genuine relationships I’ve been able to crush the goals year after year.

I will admit, networking isn’t the easiest thing for introverts like myself, but I understand that in order for me to get the word out about my business, I need step out from my behind my computer and meet and talk to people in real life.  

Going into the new year, I made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish, like have more speaking opportunities, collaborate with other influencers in my field and build my brand locally.

I literally wrote out what I wanted to achieve and created a plan on how I was going to make my goals become my reality.

What I’ve been able to achieve thus far…

  • Spoke on panel at Blood Sweat & Heels: Women’s Empowerment Luncheon

  • Spoke on panel at CYPMWG: Building Your Personal Brand

  • Spoke at the Let’s Talk Hair Conference about the importance of self care

  • Hired to be a guest blogger with a digital marketing company

  • Guest appearance on What’s Good Cleveland

  • Joined networking groups to connect with other entrepreneurs

  • Made connections with women in the same industry to collaborate on future projects

And I'm not even done yet! 

Networking online and off has helped me reach my goals because I’m intentional about making genuine connections that I can (1) grow and learn from and (2) share my expertise with others.


When I first launched my business, I focused solely on growing my social media presence in order to build my brand and attract clients.

What I quickly learned was that even though I was doing well with building my social media following, people in my own city had no idea who I was, let alone what my business was about. 

My mission is to impact millions of women to be free to create the life they desire and that means that I have to build a strong network/community.

I frequently host events called the BeFree Life Class, which is a social space for positive like-minded women to come together to be inspired and motivated to live the life they desire.

My goal for these classes is to continue to grow my audience so I can inspire more and more women to begin to shift their mindset in order to be free to live the life they want.  

Networking with various groups in my city has helped me tremendously with growing my audience. 

I attend 2-3 networking events per month and when I go, I make it a point to talk to people and share who I am and what I do. My time is very valuable so I need to make the best of every networking opportunity.

And let me add this, I don’t attend events just to connect with people who are popular. I network with people that I know I can learn something from.

I'm focused on building a strong brand online and offline and I've been able to crush my goals for 2015, because I've been intentional about networking with others. 

Networking doesn't have to be this awkward thing that you hate doing. When you're an entrepreneur think of networking as an opportunity to share why you love what you do with others. 

Also, when you're passionate about your business other people can feel it and they will want to be connected to you. 

Trust me, the more you get out and network, the more comfortable you will become.  Plus when you're doing what you love, you just want to share it with everybody. 

If you're really serious about growing your business and reaching new levels, networking with the right people will be a game changer for you and your business.