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Name: Missy Salick

Business/Blog: Virgin Girl Media


When did you launch your business/blog?

I launched Virgo Girl Media in September 2015.

What inspired you to pursue your dreams and begin creating the life you want?

Life happened. I was twenty five years old when I began the process to foster adopt my son, that moment altered my life forever. From there a journal of frustrations, anger, sadness and confusion turned into a novel, Claiming Jeremiah. From the lack of quality business support when starting a publishing company to self-publish, Virgo Girl Media was born. I knew then I wanted to create my own path of life.

How does your business line up with your purpose in life?

Everyday, each client I work with - I am able to leave an everlasting effect on them and their business. My mission is to inspire and motivate others to turn their passion into profit and through Virgo Girl Media, I’m able to do that.

What do you enjoy most about living life on your own terms?

I enjoy being able to open doors that would have not been otherwise made available to me. I enjoy the freedom to work on multiple projects and be as creative and out-of-the box as needed. I enjoy being able to pick my children up from school on Wednesday at 1 pm to go to the park and for ice-cream, just because the sun provides us with a warm day. Being able to live life on your own terms allows you the freedom to be in control of your life! You are not boggled down to a 9-5 that could up and fire you at any moment or a boss that underestimates your talents. You are free to be who you are and no one appreciates you more than yourself.  

Describe a ah-ha moment.

My ah-ha moment happened not to long ago. I had just turned thirty and I was feeling very depressed because I felt I had not accomplished enough to be entering a new chapter in my life. Over the next few months, I continued to feel incomplete and unhappy with my life. Then one day I woke up and realized I had accomplished so much than the average person my age. I had foster adopted a child, became a mom, wrote a book, started a business, inspired others to start businesses and was a mother again. This was my introduction to myself that I was doing okay.  

What has been your biggest challenge as a blogger or business owner?

Time has been the biggest challenge for being both a blogger and business owner. The downfall to being a writer, publisher, producer, business owner and wearing many hats in general, is that you rarely find time to do your craft. You are often times under strict deadlines or pressured to produce and then dive right back into business mode. It can damage your creative side sometimes because you’re focused about the deadline and not the craft of your passion.

What keeps you motivated on days when you feel overwhelmed?

There is a bigger purpose for me than that moment of feeling defeated and that is what keeps me motivated when I feel overwhelmed. Everyone needs a break. Take five minutes, grab a coffee/tea, take a walk and get back to it. When you’re the boss there is no room for long-term moments to feel defeat. You have a business to run, employees who are watching and clients who are paying you and relying on a product/service. Your vision to build something great will outweigh the feeling of a moment of defeat.  

What’s one thing that make you stand out from your peers?

My ability to take risks in doing things that other people would only dream about.  

What is your biggest fear? And how do overcome your fears?

Running out of time before I am able to accomplish everything I am here to do. I am working hard (overtime) on building an empire, legacy, that will be here long after I am gone.

What’s one lesson that you’ve learned on your journey to be free?

To be honest with myself. The moment I was able to look in the mirror and say what I wanted and what was holding me back, I felt free. I had to let go of alot of negativity that was holding me back.. I had to face situations I did not want to face. Being open and honest allows you to lift a huge weight off your chest, literally.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of being where I am today. I have a laundry list of other things I want to accomplish, but I am happy with being a mom, a daughter, a friend, a self-published author, writer and #girlboss.

How do you support other women?

I encourage them through positive words, using our blog to spotlight and promote them, network and build partnerships.

What does being free mean to you?


What is your favorite affirmation or quote?

"Stop Dreaming. Start Creating."

What book would highly recommend the BeFree community read?

The Entrepreneur Within by Julia Holloway &  #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

What advice would you give someone starting out?

Believe in yourself, know your worth, never take no as the first answer and write down your goals.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

A good Disney movie can still make me cry.

What exciting things do you have planned for 2015?

I am working on expanding Virgo Girl Media into doing digital workshops. I have a new writing project, #DearDaughters that will be a 10 piece blog series reflecting on issues we as women face that have been brought up without male figures.

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