How I Accomplished 99% Of My Goals This Year #goals #focus #befreeproject

In the beginning of the year I made a list of everything that I needed to get done for BeFree Project in 2014. I posted my goals where I had no choice but to see them every single day and I realized a few weeks back that I’ve completed 99% of everything on my list.

I titled 2014 as my “year of building + learning” and I’ve done just that. From reading, networking, attending a conference, listening to podcast and webinars and even hiring a business coach. I was able to accomplish my goals because I was focused + intentional  about what I needed in order to get things done in 2014.  

Some of my completed goals for 2014:

  • Launched my business Feb. 2014

  • Launched my website Mar. 2014

  • Hosted (4) BeFree Life Classes

  • Solidified clients and increased my income

  • Created a Youtube Channel and uploaded videos

  • Registered my business name and opened a business checking account

  • Built a BeFree Community (online and offline)

  • Blogged every single month in 2014. Whoop Whoop!!!

  • Read 52 books this year (personal development + business only)

Only thing I didn’t get done in 2014 was book a paid speaking engagement, but honestly I wasn’t ready for it. The plan for 2015 will be to first take public speaking courses and then look for speaking opportunities.  

Last weekend I hosted my 4th BeFree Life Class and I received a lot of positive feedback as it relates to goal setting. I shared with the ladies the importance of making SMART Goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) and having an accountability partner.


I want to share a few tips to help you kick off the new year but let me first say that completing your goals takes hard work. It's not meant to come easy but if you feel like me and you refuse to be average and live a mediocre life then I highly recommend you apply these tips. 

How To Make Your Goals Your Reality in 2015:

  • Create a dream board/ vision board or a goal list + add action steps to each image

  • Read a book per month that will stimulate you mentally

  • Cut back on watching TV and being on social media

  • No matter what stick to your plan

  • Post your goals everywhere

  • Repeat daily affirmations (positive thoughts = positive life)

  • Revisit your goals often

  • Envision yourself completing your goals

  • Get your goals done, today!


Let’s chat!

What’s one goal + action step that you're making for the new year?