When was the last time you sat down and thought about what being free looks like in every area of your life? Freedom will look different to everyone and that’s why it’s important to define what it means specifically to you. 

  • Does freedom mean you no longer work for “the man” and you’re your own boss?

  • Does freedom mean you wake up to the partner of your dreams each day?

  • Does freedom mean you’re traveling the world?

  • Does freedom mean you're advancing in your career?

Several years ago I went through a major period where I felt lost and I didn’t know who I was outside of being a wife and a mother. 

I religiously wrote in my journal that I just wanted my life to have meaning and purpose. I wanted to be free from everything that kept me stuck.

I was so tired of feeling like I was existing in life with no real plan. Writing each day that I wanted to be free and feel good about the life I was living was not enough.

I needed to define exactly what freedom looked like for me and here’s what I came up with. (keep in mind as I continue to grow and evolve being free will look different) 


Free from fear

There was a time when I was consumed by fear and it kept me stuck in so many ways. I focused too much on things I had no control over. I would be lying if I told you that I no longer experienced fear and self-doubt. What I’ve learned over time is that I have to feel the fear and do it anyway. With the butterflies in my stomach and the little voice in my head that often tells me I’m not good enough, I acknowledge the fear and keep going anyway. 


Free from society's standards

Society has trained us how to think, how to live, what success is, etc. I had an aha! moment and realized that the life that I was chasing was not the life I wanted. While in college, I thought I wanted to work for a big corporation and move up the corporate ladder until I felt like I was successful. After years of working in Corporate America, I discovered that lifestyle wasn’t what I what I wanted at all. For me, it was important to walk in my purpose, make an impact in other’s lives and get paid doing work I love. I decided to free myself from society’s standards of what success was and I started living life on my own terms. 


Free from my past

It’s no secret that I’ve dealt with abandonment issues from when I was a child.  For years I carried a lot of hurt and pain that followed me into adulthood. I noticed patterns from my childhood started to show up in my marriage, how I treated my children and that’s when I knew I needed help. I was in therapy for four months and it was one of the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I’ve since healed from my dysfunctional childhood issues and I refuse to allow my past to dictate my future. 

Free from allowing others to define what beauty means to me

I use to have long natural hair that was almost bra strap length. Once it got to a certain length I grew tired of the detangling and styling process. I started asking myself if I was so fed up with detangling my hair why not just cut it off. I realized that I was only holding on to it out of fear of not having "the face" for short hair and because I defined long hair with being beautiful. I let go of my belief of long hair being tied to beauty and I chose to define what real beauty meant to me. I cut my hair in a very short style that required little to no maintenance and it felt so liberating. I have since kept my hair short and I can’t imagine it any other way. 

Once you define what being free means to you then you can truly start living the life you want. I challenge you to take time think about what freedom looks like in your life and then start living it. You deserve to live a life that feels good to you inside and out. 


Monthly Goals For September

Where is time going? I mean it seems like every time I turn around it's another month. My goal is to get these post out the first week of every month but time has slipped away so here we are. 

Last month's goals: 

GOAL: Complete content for the Free Your Mind Journal and send to my designer

I am so excited that I was able to complete this goal last month. I'm prepping to speak at a conference next month and my goal was to have the journals complete and ready by the time of the event. I ordered a proof and once I'm done reviewing it for errors then I'll be able to place my order. :) 

GOAL: Host two live online workshops this month

  • Say Yes To You Intimate Group Sessions

  • How Bad Do You Want It? Consistency Workshop

I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided to do two workshops back to back, but I did it. One of my goals is to have a library of workshops and courses to help my audience on their journey to being free. 

GOAL: Practice yoga 3 times per week 

I think I did yoga twice last month. I really enjoy yoga when I do it, I just need to figure out how to squeeze it my schedule. I'll keep trying until it becomes a part of my day to day routine. 

September Goals:

Let's Chat!

What does being free look like to you? What goals are you working on this month?