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Somewhere between January and today you've lost focused and maybe even giving up on your goals until next year. 

After reading emails, comments on IG + Facebook many of you have called it quits because when life got busy, you decided the best thing to do was to put your goals on hold.  

You slacked off for a day then a day turned into a week now we’re half way through the year and you haven’t even thought about the goals you said you wanted to accomplish. 

What happened?

I know…

You never had a plan to begin with.

You simply said I’m going to get my life together this year but you never clarified what exactly did that mean nor did you have a plan on how you were going to start making positive changes in your life.

It’s easy to fall off track.

It’s easy to get distracted.

It’s easy to lose focus.

Depending on how far you fell behind it's going to be hard to dig yourself out of the hole you created for yourself.

This is the exact reason for the Get Back On Track Workshop, to give you the tools you need to identify the mistakes you're making with setting goals and how to fix it. 

Just because your year is not going the way you intended doesn't mean you have to quit your goals altogether.


Each day you get another chance to start over.  

I think I shared with you before how much I enjoy running outside, especially in the summer. However, I have moments when I start missing a day here and there, next thing you know a week or more has gone by. 

Each time I do this I get so frustrated with myself because I don't like starting over. 

My legs start itching. I’m not able to go the distance I was able to go prior to taking a break.

Ugh! It's such an irritating feeling. 

I decided to add running to my calendar and stop feeling like I had to run 4 miles every time I ran. Now I simply focus on doing the best I can each time I hit the pavement and if that means I only have time to run 2 miles then that's good for me. 

We all have our moments when we lose focus on our goals, when you realize you've fallen off, dust yourself off and start again. 

5 tips to help you focus


Think about the following.. What caused you to lose focus in the first place? When did it occur? What was happening in your life at the time? How can you prevent this from happening again? You want to take time to reflect so you don’t keep repeating the same habits over and over again.


Clean up your workspace and declutter your home so you're able to focus. When you're space is disorganized and full of clutter it's hard to get any work done because all you can think about is what's going on around you. 


This is a big one because social media, TV or even people can cause you to lose focus on what you’re working on. Recently I was in my feelings because I got caught up watching what others were doing online and feeling like my business was not growing as fast as I wanted it to. I had to check myself and do a social media detox so I could focus on my work and how I want to show up in the world. 


Each day create a list of three things you want to get done and focus solely on what’s on your list. Don’t add anything new until to complete what’s on your list


Don’t just work, work, work. Take time and enjoy life so you don’t burn yourself out. THIS IS FOR ME! I find myself working all the time and I have to do a better job at taking breaks to add a little fun in my life.



Monthly Goals for July 

Before I share what I'm working on this month let me tell you what I got done in June. I will say I was very productive with getting things done due to my kids being in summer camp for 6 weeks and I unplugged from social media for 30+ days. 

Run or Bike Ride 5X Per Week

I can’t say I ran or biked 5X per week because I forgot to keep track however I know for sure it was at least 3-4 times per week. I really enjoy biking because I like to listen to podcast while I ride for about 5-6 miles. However when I run, it's hip hop all day. :) 

Finish 2 books

I finished one book and the other I decided to put to the side so I could read The Art of Work. I had been waiting on it for awhile from the library and when it finally came I couldn't wait to start reading itIt’s really good and once I finish I’ll wrap up some of the other books I’m reading. #bookloverstruggle 

Create an online version for the BeFree Life Class Goals, Vision, Life Series

After chatting with my mastermind partner, I decided it wasn't a good idea to start a new project when I needed to create more content for the services I currently have on my site. 

One of my big goals is to have services/products for the women that I want to work with.  My ideal client struggles with getting things done, she procrastinates, she lacks clarity of what she wants for her life and her limited beliefs are keeping her stuck.

So for the remainder of 2016 I will be intentional about the content that I put out so that I'm meeting her needs. 

I want every woman that I work with to go from feeling stuck to unstoppable so she can live the life she was created to live. 

July goals:

  • Host workshop to help women get back on track with goals

  • Launch 5 day free email course, “ Let’s Get It Started”

  • Practice self-care daily



What goals are you working on this month? What areas of your life do you need to focus more on?