Why Living in #Fear is keeping you stuck #blog #befreeproject

“Fear prevents you from pursuing your dreams and being genuinely happy. It hinders you from having peace of mind, which results in you never truly experiencing life. Fear sucks!” (excerpt from the Get Unstuck Workbook)

Obviously there are tons of reasons why someone may live in fear, but today I’m specifically referring to fears that are holding you back from living a more fulfilled life and pursuing your dreams.


You have idea after idea that you believe is really good, but then you allow fear of the unknown prevent you from taking action. You fear you’ll fail. You fear people will say you’re not good enough. You fear success. The list goes on and on….

I know this to be true because when I’m talking to women at the BeFree Life Class or just having casual conversations, the number one reason that keeps women stuck, is fear.

Fear is completely normal and EVERYONE experiences it, however it’s what you do after you feel the fear that really matters.

You can choose to (a) live in fear and stay stuck, or (b) feel the fear and move forward anyway.

I’ll choose the latter every time. Why? Because I owe it to myself to at least step out on faith and take a chance on me. If I fail then it’s an experience I can grow from and try again and most importantly I can say that at least I tried it and it didn't work. 



I ran into an old friend a few days ago in Starbucks parking lot, and we were catching up on how each other has been doing over the past few years. Of course I was excited to share with her how much the kids have grown and that I launched my own business. 

She told me how she had all these ideas that she wanted to launch, but fear of the unknown was keeping her stuck. She said she has a fear of failure and a fear of success, so it’s easier for her not to do anything at all and stay in her comfort zone. But she's unhappy and feels unfulfilled. 

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We chatted for like an hour and by the end of our conversation I gave her my card and a copy of the Get Unstuck Workbook. 

I told her that I understood exactly how she felt because I was once there. This is why I’m so passionate about helping women move past their fears and start to pursue their purpose in life. We owe it to ourselves to make us a priority. 

In the book YOU are a BADASS by Jen Sincero, she list several ways to kick fear in the butt and I want to share a few of them with you.

View fear from the rearview mirror

Think back to a time when you were afraid to do something and after you actually did it, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. As you move forward use that experience as a way to remind yourself that if you got past that then you can also get past whatever you're fearing right now. 

Flip the fear

Break your fear all the way down until you get to the root of why you’re afraid. Fear is an emotional choice and once you can deal with the real reason for the fear then you can begin to push forward. Next, list every possible reason why you’re fearful and then flip it and consider how you’ll feel if you never face your fears. I always ask myself "how bad do you want it?" and that motivates me to keep going. 

Be in the moment

Stop overthinking everything and be present in the moment. Connect with your higher self, silence the negative voice in your head and just be. Live in the moment and be free.

You’re were created to do AMAZING things!

Seriously, there is a purpose for your life and it’s bigger than your fears. It’s up to you to push past your fears, so you can really live the life you want.

I created the Get Unstuck Workbook to help women who feel stuck and unfulfilled begin their journey to being free. I share reflective questions, affirmations and I discuss the following topics,  happiness, living versus existing, fear and purpose. You can purchase your copy here

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