I receive messages all the time from women all over the world via email, social media outlets or in a survey telling me they struggle with consistency. It's an ongoing cycle of starting and stopping projects but yet never completing anything. 

Below you'll find what some of the ladies shared with me when I asked them what were they struggling with.

“I give up too quick as soon. I second guess myself or if this is actually possible…. As soon as things start progressing I feel like I self-sabotage with doubt.”

“Fear, trying to do too much at once, lack of support”

“Motivation and sticking to goals."

“Procrastination. Lack of belief in self”

“Lack of motivation. Sometimes it is difficult to get motivated to complete or even start something. Time management and procrastination also play a role in my lack of motivation and ultimately cause me to get stuck in my goals.”

“Being consistent and completing what I start.”

“Not finishing what I start. I have too many unfinished projects going on.”

“I am struggling with procrastination, which leads to me settling and am afraid I will get stuck here.”

I can relate to what some of the ladies shared. 

There was a time in my life when I was the queen of consistently being inconsistent. I would start something new all the time but I struggled with following through and completing what I started. 

I would make vague goals without actionable steps and end up feeling like a failure every time I quit whatever it was that I was working on. 

Being stuck and never accomplishing anything in life is not fun. It’s not cool to see people you’re inspired by live fabulous lives while you sit back and watch with envy.

The difference between you and the people you admire is consistency.

The women you look up to are no different than you, we all put our pants on the same way. 

They don’t have special powers. They have drive, passion and discipline.

They know what they want and they’re going to get it by any means necessary.


How Bad Do You Want It? 

When I was working in Corporate America, I desired to go back to school and get my MBA. I had no idea where the money would come from nor how I would fit school into my already busy schedule.

All I knew is that I wanted to get my MBA and I would do whatever it took to make it happen

If you’re reading this post then I know you’re tired of starting and stopping never finishing anything. You want to cross goals off your bucket list. You want to live a life that feels good to you inside and out. You want to make yourself proud.

You don’t want to look up a year from today and be in the exact same spot.

It’s time for you to blow your own mind.

It’s time for you to make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to live the best life possible.


4 reasons why you struggle with consistency

  • You’re unclear about what you want for your life

  • You feel like you have so many things to work on, you don’t know where to begin

  • You lack passion, motivation, drive, and discipline

  • You want instant gratification

You've heard it before, consistency is key. When you're focused on getting things done you have to be ok with taking baby steps and understand that it takes time to form new habits before you'll start to see progress.

It's ok to take breaks from time to time or even switch things up, just keep moving forward.

Can I let you in on a little secret?  

If you want to discover what you’re passionate about keep trying different things until you find something that lights you up inside and you can't imagine yourself doing anything else but that.

Consistency Builds Momentum 

I’m a pescatarian (vegetarian diet with seafood). I haven’t had beef or pork in about 16 years and I eat fried turkey once a year on Thanksgiving.

I made a decision to give up meat simply to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve maintained this way of living for 2 1/2 years if not a little longer.

Now don’t get me wrong I loved chicken and turkey, but the reason I’ve been able to stick to my “diet” is because I was very clear on “why” I was doing it. Not because it was trendy. Not because someone suggested I do it. It’s a personal commitment I’ve made to myself.

And because I’ve created this healthier way of eating, I’ve been able to maintain the same weight since college and overall I feel better.

As a result of creating healthier eating habits, I've been able to be more consistent in other areas of my life as well.

A simple way to start practicing consistency 

  • Grab a notebook and jot down one thing you want to get done

  • Write down why you want to accomplish what you wrote down and what it'll mean to you once you complete it

  • Every day I want you to spend 10 minutes on whatever it is you’re working on. If you can spend more time great, but no less than 10 minutes every single day.

  • Add it to your calendar and share what you’re working on with someone

This process is a great way to start creating a habit of being more consistent in your life. 

Are you ready to be consistent and start to finish what you start? Register for the How Bad Do You Want It? Consistency Workshop. 

Monthly Goals For August

Per usual let's recap what I got done last month before we talk about the goals I'm working on in August. July was a pretty light month for me, I spent time planning out what I wanted to get done for the remainder of the year. I also spent quality time with my family. My husband and I celebrated 13 years of marriage and my son turned 8 years old. 

Last month's goals: 

GOAL: Host workshop to help women get back on track with their goals

I had over 100 women register for the Get Back on Track Workshop and here’s what a few of the women said they learned after attending the workshop. 

"I have to remember to keep the end goal in mind. I get so caught up in what's temporary/what I have to do and not making enough time for what I want to do. I am doing it in most areas but, need to do it in all areas especially work." ~Erica

"PROTECT YOUR TIME😀 key issue for me. also, one goal at a time. my goal has so many subparts, I get overwhelmed. thank you for your wisdom." ~Jennifer

"You reminded us that we are responsible for our own success. No one is coming to rescue us. It was kind of a needed gut punch. Tough love appreciated!!!" ~Joey

GOAL: Launch 5-day free email course, “The Clarity Roadmap.”

I created a free 5-day email course that’s designed to help you gain clarity about what you want so you can set goals that align with the vision you have for your life.

GOAL:  Practice self-care daily

Self-care is not an option, it's a necessity. I'm learning to be intentional about making sure I do something for me every single day. 

August GOALS:


Let's Chat!

What goals are you working on this month? Did you meet your goals in July?