"Play Bigger" is My Mantra For The New Year, What's Yours?

If you're like me then you can't believe we're at the end of the year already and we’re quickly approaching 2017. Depending on how this year has treated you, you may be ready for a fresh start or you may feel like you need more time to get some things done.

Whichever you can relate to I want to encourage you to choose a word or phrase that you will be your mantra for the new year. 

A mantra is a positive statement or phrase that you repeat often that speaks to what you want to experience. 

I’ve never really been big on making resolutions instead I like to create lifestyle changes that align with what I want for my life. Along with that, I like to choose a word or phrase that sets the tone of what I want to focus on throughout the year that I feel connected to. 

The past couple of years I've chosen words that speak to my spirit and it's something that I want to achieve in order for me to receive whatever the universe has for me.  


2015 my phrase was ready to receive

I focused on making sure my website, branding, coaching options etc., were on point so that if someone wanted to work with me then it was a smooth process. Also, I was open to building new relationships to help me on my entrepreneurship journey. I was ready to receive whatever was in store for me. 

My word for the year was elevation. I wanted to continue to go higher and not let anything including myself stop me from pursuing the goals that I had set for myself. 

2016 my word was execution

If you've been following me this year then you know I've actively been taking action and focused on being more consistent in my delivery.

I was scrolling through pictures on IG when I noticed one of my supporters, Erica, shared her copy of the Free Your Mind Journal and she said in her caption how she remembered when I said less than a year ago that I wanted to create a journal and now it's here.

She's right! I was very intentional about getting things done in 2016 because I know in order to see my goals come to life I have to take steps every single day.

Another goal that I talked about late last year was that I wanted to speak twelve times this year outside of my events, the BeFree Life Class. By putting that out in the universe and being intentional about taking action, next month I will have spoken thirteen or fourteen times for other organizations this year. 

2017 my phrase is "play bigger"

I've come a long way and I'm ready to stretch myself to go after everything I feel I deserve in 2017. I now have a better understanding of my message, who I am here to serve and my purpose in life. I’m confident that I have all the tools I need to play bigger next year and I’m ready to make a mark in the world. I've written my goals down for Q1 and Q2 and I'm putting things in place so I can start the year off right.

The mantra that I've chosen each year has helped me stay motivated on days when I felt overwhelmed, stressed out or quitting altogether. I honestly feel by choosing a mantra or word to set the tone for my year I've been intentional about creating the life I want for myself. 


Here're a few steps to help you get started

  • Think about what you want your year to look like. Consider the type of woman you want to become, what will make you feel fulfilled, what do you want to experience in your life.

  • Next spend about 15 minutes or so freely writing the first thoughts that come to mind and don’t stop writing until you’re done.

  • Read what you wrote and think of a phrase or word that sums up what you want to achieve next year.

  • Below are a few examples to get your juices flowing.

Serve others/ Fearless/ I have enough/ Believe/ Take action/ Focus/ Think bigger/ Get it done/ Abundance / I will walk in faith / I’m chasing my dreams / Start now/ I am free

  • Once you choose a word or phrase that resonates with you, speak the words often and recite it whenever it comes to mind. Write your word/phrase/mantra in your journal, put it on your vision board, add it to your screensaver on your computer. You want to see your word or mantra as often as possible to serve as a reminder of what you want your year to look like.

Let's Chat!

What's your word or phrase that will be your mantra for the new year?