Introducing…"Chasing Free"

Learn what is means to be Chasing Free... #women #inspiration #positivity #befreeproject

Next month I'm introducing a new feature on the blog  called “Chasing Free.”  This feature is designed for women who are living in purpose, pursuing her dreams, and creating the life she wants by doing what she’s passionate about.

She’s unapologetically living life on her own terms. She’s a solopreneur, blogger, small business owner, she may even have a side hustle until she’s able to do what she loves full time.  She’s doing the darn thing!

She’s not perfect, she has flaws, but she’s committed to her journey and willing to share her experience to inspire other women just like her.

She’s chasing free...

I’m so inspired when I see black women in particular online and off successfully living out their dreams. I love to hear and read their stories and learn how they’ve decided to chase their dreams no matter what.


We need to see more women who look like us doing GREAT things. We need to hear our stories. We need to see successful women in a positive light. We need to know that the journey won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. We need to support one another.

It’s a beautiful thing when we begin to share our stories on how our journey began, mistakes that we’ve learned from along the way and how we’re committed to being free. There are so many beautiful women all over the world doing amazing things and I want to use my blog  to spotlight them.

The purpose of this feature is to empower and encourage women that they too can pursue whatever it is they’re passionate about. I specifically want to spotlight African American women because I don’t see enough of us being represented as it relates to entrepreneurship and living out our dreams.

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