I’ve been in love with journaling since I was a teenager and writing has been instrumental in helping me gain clarity of my life while also discovering my purpose. Creating my own journal fits perfectly in my business and aligns with my purpose, to be a light and empower others to be free. 

The Free Your Mind Journal was birthed out of my desire to provide a resource to my audience to help them get clear about what they want for their life and empower them to take action. 

After having lots of conversations with women, I noticed that many of them didn't have a tribe/squad asking them thought-provoking questions that challenges them to grow and evolve. 

Sure they had their girls to talk about what's happening on the latest reality show or how much they hate their job, but no one is asking them, What's your purpose? What goals are you working on?  etc.

The Free Your Mind Journal is designed to help you start doing the inner work so you can start your journey to being free. 

Over the last couple of months, while creating the journal and preparing to launch it, I’ve learned a lot about myself and today I'm going to share seven important lessons with you. 

1. Speak what you want into existence 

For a long time, I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that I wanted to create my own journal. I wanted to put something out in the world that I knew would make a positive impact in the lives of others while helping them move forward and start taking action.

I started speaking about the journal more and more and I even had a few people ask me when was it coming out. When you start speaking your vision out loud, people are listening and they want to see you do what you say you're going to do. 

I'm a firm believer that you have to speak what you want into existence and it's a beautiful thing when you start seeing your words come to life. 

Speak it. Believe it. Do the work to make it happen.  (tweet that!)

One of my favorite quotes is by Paulo Coelho, "When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

2. Don’t be afraid to take risk

When I made the decision to pursue my dream of creating a journal, fear showed it’s ugly face right away. I started thinking… 

  • How would I fund this project?

  • What if no one buys the journal?

  • What if it fails?

Yada. Yada. Yada. 

I decided that I was worth taking a risk on and I couldn't allow my fears to keep me from putting my vision out in the world. I chose to face my fears and do it anyway because I owed it to myself to make my dream become a reality. 

During this process I experienced self-doubt, fear, feeling overwhelmed and anxiety and each time I just kept taking steps forward because I believed in what I was doing. Creating something and then putting it out in the world opens you up to judgement and that’s a scary feeling. Whenever you're doing something outside of your comfort zone, it's normal to feel afraid, and it shows you that you're living life and not just existing in it. 


3. Embrace Challenges 

Creating and launching the journal wasn't an easy task and I faced some challenges along the way. In the middle of prepping for the launch, I hosted a 7-day writing challenge to get people excited about journaling and to create a list of people who had an interest in the journal.

During the challenge I started receiving messages and emails from people saying they weren't getting the emails for the writing challenge. I thought it was just a few off cases but it turns out there were a lot of folks not getting them.

Instantly I started getting frustrated because if people weren't getting the emails then how could they participate in the challenge. I reached out to my email provider, Convert Kit and explained what was going on. Turns out, it wasn't just me, other subscribers were experiencing the same issue. I figured out a workaround and mid-week the problem was resolved. 

I chose not to focus on anything I couldn't control and I wouldn't allow this small situation distract me from the work I needed to get done.  

You will make mistakes, failures will happen and challenges will arise. Do your best not to get upset, handle whatever you can and keep it moving. #mymotto

4. Think Big 

When I was getting closer to the launch of the journal I would say things like "I just want to sell a few copies," or "I’ll be happy if just my family and friends support me." This was me thinking small out of fear and being afraid to put myself out there. 

I created an awesome journal that will help women ( and men) change their lives, that's major. Not to toot my own horn but my journal is a great piece of work. 

I had to ask myself, if I believed in my vision why was I limiting myself by not thinking bigger. 

I came to the conclusion that I have some limited money beliefs based on how I was raised and that was causing me to think small. I'm still working on this but I set my goal much higher and I am determined to reach it.


5. Have a strategy for creating and launching

I’ve design workbooks, social media ads, and fliers but I wanted a different look and feel for the Free Your Mind Journal. I partnered with Brittney from Branding Bestie to help me bring my vision to live. She was amazing to work with and she saved me so much time because while she was designing the book, I was able to focus on the content and other important stuff. 

She’s super professional and she was very patient with me as I continued to make updates and changes until I felt like the journal was perfect. 

I did a lot of research on how to launch a product since this was my first time doing it. There are so many resources that it can be a little overwhelming with how to run a successful launch. 

My friend Monique helped me out a lot with creating a strategy and a launch plan that has been working really well. 

Here are some of the things I’ve done or plan to do for the launch of the journal...

  • 7-Day Writing Challenge

  • Webinar

  • Create a mini-podcast series for all pre-orders

  • Reached out to friends to collaborate with and ask friends to help me get the word out

  • Host a Launch Party

  • Newsletters/Content specific to the journal

  • Live broadcast (Periscope/Facebook live)

6. Quiet the inner voice 

Can I be honest with you for a moment? Sometimes I get in my feelings and that inner voice gets really loud telling me that I’m not good enough or I don't have what it takes. I had to get out of my own head and constantly remind myself of my purpose, to be a light and empower others to be free.

I started speaking life over myself and sending my brain positive messages like, I've been called to this. I am good enough. I am supposed to be here. I am here to be great. I will impact millions of lives all over the world through my work. And I told my inner voice to be quiet because I got work to do, someone is waiting for me to show up and I won't let my insecurities stop me, 

7. Have a good support system 

I have an amazing support system both online and off. My people rock! Whenever I need to vent or celebrate small wins I always have a listening ear. My people hold me accountable and they don't let me give up on myself. It's important to have people in your life that will encourage you and check you when you're tripping.

Entrepreneurship is hard work and you need people in your life that you can rely on and that will talk you off your ledge multiple times per day. :o) 


I have to say that I am so proud of myself because I did something that I never thought I would be able to do. I dreamed of this moment and now that it’s here, man it’s such an amazing feeling.

I want to encourage you to pursue whatever dream you have, nothing is too big if you have a dream, then go for it. The only person that can stop you is you. People are waiting for you to show up. You have something special to offer the world, go out there and be free and LIVE. 


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