7 Empowering Podcast by Women You Need To Be Listening To + Free Printable

Listening to podcast has become one of my go-to's to gain knowledge on personal growth and entrepreneurship. So when a few ladies reached out to me asking for podcast recommendations, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of my favorites with my community. 

Since I listen to so many podcast, just like books it's hard to narrow down my top picks. However if you're new to podcast and need to know where to start then I've got a great list just for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (I also added a few bonus podcast just for fun)

Because I know you're so busy and have a lot going on, listening to podcast is perfect when you're commuting, working out or cooking dinner. Trust me it makes the time go by much faster. 

Below you will find some of my favorite podcast for personal growth that I know you’ll find inspiring. Each podcast mentioned can be found on iTunes and/or Soundcloud. Be sure to download my complete list of 22 podcast that I have saved on my phone. 

UPDATE: Listen to the Girl Be Free Podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher or Spotify


Behind The Brilliance

Hands down this is one of my favorite podcast that I listen to religiously once a new episode is released. Each week Lisa Nicole Bell shares great insight on how to show up in the world and define success on your own terms. She interviews creative entrepreneurs who openly share their perspective on being brilliant, along with the mistakes and failures they’ve made along the way. Weekly, Lisa shares her favorite things from quotes, books, apps and much more. I feel like Lisa is the big sister I never had. 

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The Lively Show

The host Jessica focuses on positivity and living a life with intention. She has inspiring solo episodes along with amazing interviews from entrepreneurs that's guaranteed to empower you. 

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Myleik Teele #MyTaughtYou

Myliek’s podcast is a breath of fresh air. She gives practical advice on being a business woman while finding your way in the world. I love how she openly shares how seeing a therapist has helped transform her life. Myleik is definitely a mentor in my head and I faithfully tune in to listen to what gems of wisdom she consistently drops. 

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The Wellness Wonderland  

I discovered this podcast after listening to the host Katie's interview on Being Boss where she discussed the power of journaling and expressing gratitude. I instantly fell in love and subscribed to her podcast where she encourages people to seek true wellness & wonder.

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Being Boss

This Is a podcast by two friends Kathleen and Emily designed to help entrepreneurs figure out how to get paid for doing what they love. It’s perfect for girl bosses looking for practical tips on how to grow your blog and business.

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Happy Black Woman

I’ve been following Rosetta for years now and I admire the brand that she’s built on helping women truly live a happy life. I love how she encourages women of color to chase their dreams and do what they’re most passionate about in order to be happy. She interviews amazing women who are living their life in purpose and openly shares what inspires them to keep going.

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The Great Girlfriends

I just discovered this podcast about two weeks ago and I can’t get enough of the host Sybil and Brandice. I honestly feel like we're all sitting in a living room or at brunch just chatting it up. The title of the podcast is exactly what they are "great girlfriends" speaking on topics ranging from social media envy, keys to life, love and laughter and entrepreneurship. They also interview other amazing women such as Lisa Price and Mimi G.

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Bonus: Just for fun

The Read

This podcast is my guilty pleasure that I love listening to every single week. Kid Fury and Crissle discuss the mess that’s happening in pop culture, responds to listeners letters and “reads” someone or something that has made them mad. Oh, and they’re both Beyonce fans and they make sure to share it every moment they get.

The Friend Zone

I started listening to this podcast because I love Fran (Hey Fran Hey). I’ve followed her You Tube Channel for years and I love her holistic approach to life. She joined Dustin and Assante where each week they chat about mental hygiene and respond to listener letters. They offer great perspectives that will challenge you to think deeper plus they're guaranteed to give you a good laugh week after week.


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