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My self-discovery journey started several years ago at a time when I felt stuck, unfulfilled and like my life was out of balance. I yearned for peace and freedom but had no clue where to even begin. After journaling and crying my little heart out, I decided that the first step for me was going to be therapy because I needed to heal from the emotional baggage that I was carrying from my childhood.

Therapy was the start of my self-discovery journey and as a result, I began doing the inner work by pulling back the layers in order to get to know my true self.

This process has been uncomfortable but yet rewarding and liberating at the same time. I’ve watched my life transform in a whole new direction and overtime my emotional wounds have begun to heal. It would be far from the truth to think I have it all together because I don’t. I am simply committed to cultivating a life that feels good to me.

Loneliness Was Not My Friend

When I decided to get serious about shifting my life in a new direction, I was very lonely. I felt like none of my friends could relate to the new path that I was on. So where did I turn? Yup, you guessed it Google, YouTube, books, and podcast. I would read business, self-help and personal growth books and listen to motivational speakers that would inspire me to keep chasing my dreams.

I love having meaningful conversations so I yearned to be around women that matched my energy and we could equally challenge one another to pursue our goals. I wanted to freely talk about the things that I was passionate about without judgment and feel empowered seeing other women chase their dreams.

At the time I was not able to find what I was looking for so I began creating communities online and offline to fill the void.


Women Need Each Other

Fast-forward to today and I have a tribe of women + biz besties online and offline that support me on this journey and they add so much value to my life. They all serve a different purpose and honestly I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Over time I’ve been intentional about creating relationships with women who were on the same wavelength and the universe has given me exactly what my heart longed for.

There is power in community and sisterhood and we should not have to be on this journey to personal freedom alone. Women need each other. We feed off of each other’s energy. We can get more done together than we can apart. We need more positive safe spaces where we can connect and learn from one another.

You may remember less than a year ago I had a Facebook Group with 1000+ women where I did live streams, shared resources, engaged with the members and initiated conversations on what it meant to be free and live fully without feeling stuck.


I closed the group because I felt like Facebook was overwhelming and distracting. You probably can relate to being in what seems like 50 million groups but only active in one or two. I felt the energy shift and decided that I would focus on other projects and when the time was right I would come back better than ever.

Since closing the group I’ve received messages from former members telling me how much they missed the community and hope that I would reopen it soon.

I strongly feel that a supportive community is key to your growth and it’s better to have people in your corner that understand the ups and downs of your journey. 

After stepping away I now feel like it’s time to begin to rebuild an online community but on a different platform called Mighty Networks. It'll be specifically for women who are ready to show up and take action in their life. A space where positive energy flows and you’ll get the resources, connections, and mentorship you need to get unstuck and be free.

I am excited to announce the BeFree Inner Circle (BIC)- An exclusive online community where positive like-minded women gather, connect, support and learn how to cultivate the life they deserve.


5 Reasons You Should Join the BeFree Inner Circle

1. You’ll Have Community Support

There’s nothing like having a tribe of women that will be your biggest cheerleaders. You know the women that are screaming “yasssss” when they hear about your accomplishments. (I know I’m not the only one who says that. Ha!)

The BeFree Inner Circle (BIC) will be your girl squad that will encourage you on the days you feel like giving up. You’ll be able to ask questions and have discussions with women who are on a similar path as you. As the community grows you’ll also be able to find members in your own city that you can start to build friendships with offline.

No longer will you feel like you’re all alone and all your friends think you're acting funny because you want to make positive changes in your life. You’ll benefit from a multicultural and intergenerational online space where everyone is striving towards a common goal, to get unstuck and be free.

2. You'll Have Accountability Partners To Help You Get Stuff Done

The number one reason you’re not getting as much done as you would like is because you don’t have anyone holding you accountable. You keep starting and stopping over and over again and no one knows about your goals but you. Then you lie and try to convince yourself that "this" time will be different but you keep repeating the same old habits.

In BIC you’ll have people including myself checking in on you and challenging you to show up and get stuff done. You’re going to learn how to be consistent and stop procrastinating by taking small steps each day towards the life you deserve.


3. You’ll Have Resources Available At Your Fingertips

When I got started on this self-discovery journey I had to piece a lot of information that I found together and I wished everything could be in one universal space. The BeFree Inner Circle will be super simple to use because you’ll find articles, workbooks, masterclasses, live coaching calls and more in a central location. Plus each month new content will be released so that you’ll always have something new to learn. 

4. You’ll Get Mentorship And Coaching From Yours Truly

Everyone can benefit from coaching and guidance to help you get out of your head and learn another perspective in order to think outside the box. You’ll receive mentorship that will challenge to do the work to become your best self. Each month I will host live group coaching calls + offer workshops via live streams covering the topics self-care, consistency and discipline and positive mindset just to name a few. This will be done in a group format however you’ll be able to ask questions and get responses on the spot.

5. You’ll Have Access To The BeFree Meetups

The BeFree Meetup are in-person events held each month where women gather to network and have inspiring conversations that will challenge them to be better. I get asked a few times per week will I ever make the BeFree Meetup available online or when can I come to a specific city to host them. Members of BIC will be able to catch the live stream of the BeFree Meetup right from their own home.

Every woman needs someone in her inner circle, a girl-squad that will push her to the next level. If you don't have one already, then join the BeFree Inner Circle, it's not just a community is a movement to freedom.