Do you remember the song Free Your Mind by En Vogue? That song use to be the jam back in the day! "Free your mind and the rest will follow, be color blind, don't be so shallow."

Ok on to the topic at hand... 

If you been reading the blog over the last month or so you know I’ve been talking a lot about negative statements you should never say to yourself or how to get your mind right in the new year. I even hosted a workshop last week sharing my journey and practical tips on how to shift your mindset. Today, I want to give you three simple but practical steps you can take today to free your mind from negative thoughts.

Siobhan, why do you care so much about my mind and how I think? Well, I'm glad you asked. 

I told you last week that I had an aha! moment... After surveying and having conversations with my audience, I realize that many of you are mentally stuck. I feel like anything I say about pursuing your purpose and living the life you desire will go in one ear and out the other because you won't believe it's possible for you. 


I'm the perfect example, that if you change the way you think you can change your life. You'll start experiencing things you never thought was possible for you. Now of course, you have to take actionable steps and be intentional, but changing your thoughts is the first step. 

I'm committed to teaching my community how to get unstuck so they can be free to create the life they want on their own terms.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of any of the following…

You always think of the worst case scenario. There’s no in between for you. You have a pessimistic view of life no matter what the circumstance.

You make assumptions. You're quick to assume before getting all the details. You assume the worst in many situations and the majority of the time what you thought would happen turns out completely different. 

You play the blame game.  It's your mother's fault. It's your jobs fault. It's society's fault. Everyone is to blame for what's not going right in your life, but you. 


We've all been there

Listen, I would be lying if I said I didn't have negative thoughts here and there, shoot I'm human. However, there's difference between the people who know how to control their thoughts and the people who always feel like, woe is me. 

Trust me I was there…. I use to blame my mother and father for everything I wasn’t. If something wasn’t going right in my life, I always went back to, if my mother would have been there or if my father would have been around, then my life would be better. 

I lived in fear and was afraid to step out of my comfort zone because I just knew I would fail. Everything would always circle back to the way I was raised and can I be honest with you; It took me a long time to realize that I was responsible for my life.

I'm an infectiously optimistic person and I can guarantee to either make you smile or motivate you if you're around me for at least five minutes. 

My mission is to help women who feel like giving up and need to be encouraged and inspired on their journey. I'm here to help my community shift their way of thinking so they can regain hope in themselves and see the possibility in their dreams.

3 simple ways to free your mind

  1. Be Quiet + Breath: When was the last time you spent quiet time alone with your thoughts. Does that seem scary? For some it is. When you notice that your thoughts are all over the place and you're feeling down about yourself take a deep breath and be quiet. 

  2. Journal: Write down what’s going on in your head. Journaling can be one of the best forms of healing and therapy. Get your negative thoughts out of your head and down on paper. Click here to more about the Free Your Mind Journal.

  3. Get Creative: Tap into your creative side and take a pottery or painting class. Buy an adult coloring book and have a little me time with you. Do anything that will give your mind a break to relax and just be.


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How do free your mind from negative thoughts?